About Us

It was established in 2015 by pharmacy leaders from community, hospital and pharma marketing sectors in Qatar. IPhAQ boasts a membership exceeding 350 individuals, including pharmacists, student pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians residing or working in Qatar.

IPhAQ is committed to fostering a dynamic and engaged pharmacy community. This endeavor is poised to offer essential leadership support, aiding pharmacy professionals in devising, assessing, and implementing evidence-based best practices aimed at enhancing health outcomes. Our primary dedication lies in enhancing the welfare of our members. We achieve this by facilitating avenues for education and professional growth, nurturing research and training initiatives, and furnishing career guidance.

Furthermore, our mission encompasses the advancement of pharmacists' provision of top-tier, patient-centered care through education, training, and research.


Our mission is to provide best pharmaceutical care by promoting medication safety through education, practice and research. We are also committed to establishing a vibrant and active pharmacy community by facilitating social, educational and professional development.


Our vision is to support the pharmacy community and to promote safe and effective use of medications to achieve best health outcomes.

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